Early Buy - Early Ship 101 (Updated December 2018)

If you are new to Old World Christmas, you may be curious about our annual Early Buy - Early Ship program. We’ve outlined the benefits and conditions below, so you can make the best decision for your business!


  • DISCOUNTS - we offer a 10% discount on any ship as ready order placed in January and 5% discount if placed before the end of March!
  • EARLY DELIVERY - receive product early in the year to have more time for selling and avoid the panic of last minute cancelled orders.
  • DELAYED PAYMENT TERMS - receive either NET30 or December 1st dating, (On Approved Credit).
  • Please note that new for 2019 is for customers to choose either the 10% Early Buy discount OR December 1st dating on initial order between $1,500 and $3,999.


  • ORDER TIMING - all orders must be placed by January 31, 2019 to receive 10% discount and by March 31, 2019 for 5% discount.
  • SHIPPING - all orders qualifying for dating and discounts must be packed, shipped, and invoiced to only one location and as soon as the product is available (buyer cannot specify a ship date). In addition, we ship on a "first in, first out" basis. Generally, we start shipping orders received on January 1st by the middle of February, and most years we complete all initial shipments in April.

Our goal is to start shipping  January 1st orders by the middle of February and complete the cycle of initial  Early Buy shipments by the end of April.

After the initial shipment, any back-orders will be shipped as soon as the product becomes available. Generally, it will take 2-3 shipments to complete each order, depending on its size. All customers have 80-90% of their order by early-mid summer. Occasionally, some items may not arrive until September or October. If you are concerned about late shipments, you can add a cancel date on any order, as long as it is after June 1st.

  • QUANTITY DISCOUNTS - qualifying orders will get a quantity discount in addition to the Early Buy - Early Ship discount! The initial order quantity determines the discount program / level for the year, as quantity discounts are predicated on a non-cumulative order basis. In other words, you cannot combine order totals later in the year to get to a higher discount tier. The tier for the year is determined solely on the initial order. Please see the complete schedule below:
    • Under $1,500: Net 30 days
    • Over $1,500: December 1, 2019 dating on all orders OR Net30 days and applicable discount on the initial order only
    • Over $4,000: December 1, 2019 dating
    • Over $8,000: December 1, 2019 dating and 5% quantity discount on initial order only
    • Over $12,000: December 1, 2019 dating and 7.5% quantity discount on initial order only
    • Over $18,000: December 1, 2019 dating and 10% quantity discount on initial order only
    • Over $30,000: December 1, 2019 dating and 10% quantity discount on all orders
    • Over $60,000: December 1, 2019 dating and 12.5% quantity discount on all orders
    • Over $125,000: December 1, 2019 dating and 15% quantity discount on all orders
  • PAYMENT - Early Buy and quantity discounts are only allowed on invoices that are paid on or before the due date. All Net 30 or December 1st invoices paid by credit card will be assessed a 3% fee; it is best to send a check several days before the invoice is due.


  • TIMING - make sure to place your order in the month of January if that is not possible then by the end of March; this order should cover your anticipated demand for the entire year. This will help maximize your savings by qualifying you for the largest discount possible.
  • MULTIPLE LOCATIONS - if you have several locations, we suggest you place one large order that can be shipped to one central location. Again, this will maximize your discounts based on the date and size of your initial order.
  • PAYMENT - all discounts are predicated on timely payment (on or before the due date). We recommend prepayment or sending your check several days before your due date, in order to maintain all anticipated discounts.
  • DELIVERY/TIMING - all shipments are sent on a "first in, first out" basis. If you have a year-round or summer seasonal store, we suggest you place your order as soon as possible, in order to receive the first shipments. If your store closes early in the year or simply can't take delivery after a specific date, please include a cancel date on the order (only after June 1st).
  • TIME-SENSITIVE ORDERS - if you need an early order (such as for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day or Easter), we suggest you place a separate order with an immediate ship date, in order to avoid delays. This would be the same when trying to order Web Specials, as many items will sell out prior to Early Buy orders being shipped.
  • ADDING TO EXISTING ORDERS - additions and changes can be made to orders only during the same discount period (see schedule below). Please note that changes may impact the size or your initial order, and therefore your discount tier.

In most cases, any new items will need to be created on a new order, which will be subject to any discounts for the period in which the order was received. Please note we always do our best to ship multiple orders together to reduce shipping charges.

    • January 1st through January 31st - 10% Early Buy
    • February 1st through March 31st - 5% Early Buy
    • April 1st through December 31st - No Discounts

Please contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to a prosperous 2019 with you!

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January 19, 2018 by Joe Murphy
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